The needs of a digital generation in the workplace are not represented by the technology available within businesses, according to a study from Fujitsu.

The report, Digital Inside Out reveals that 73 percent of employees see digital as a vital component in the future success of their organisation, but 55 percent reported that they don’t have access to digital services that they need to perform in their roles. 29 percent said that their ability to do their job is hindered due to this lack.

What do you think? Is your job hampered by a lack of digital services? Read the full article and vote here.

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Last week’s poll

In a recent survey, PMI Health Group found that, while contributory pension schemes are still the most popular employee benefit, this number is decreasing, with 28 percent of workers listing it as their greatest priority for workplace rewards, down from 31 percent last year.

Results of our poll so far concur with the article’s statistics but there’s still time to cast your vote.

What do you think is the most valued reward for employees? Read the full article here.

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