A national exit poll predicts that the Conservatives will be the largest party in a hung Parliament.

With polling stations now closed for two hours and with only a handful of constituencies having official results thus far, it remains to be seen if the NOP/MORI exit polling will be as accurate as it was in 2010.

The exit poll forecasts the Conservatives winning 316 seats, with Labour winning 239.

Coalition partners the Liberal Democrats look to have suffered in the polls, with the party predicted to win only 10 seats.

In Scotland, the SNP are forecast to win 58 of the nation’s 59 seats, a damaging surge for the Labour Party.

UKIP and the Green party are forecast to take two seats each, with Plaid Cymru winning four and other parties splitting the remaining 19.

There are 650 seats in total, with 326 needed for a majority.