HMRC criticised for IR35 rules

There is more criticism of the IR35 reform, in force from April 2021, with contractors saying it has left them out of pocket. HR teams and HMRC have been criticised for how it’s been handled.

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NHS sees increase in job applications

More young people want to work for the NHS since the pandemic, with a higher number of UCAS applications for medical careers. However, in order to meet the government’s recruitment targets for the health service, it’s being suggested more overseas workers should be recruited.

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Women are not prepared for retirement and HR teams need to help them

38 percent of women over 55 will rely on just a state pension in retirement. In contrast,  83 percent of men over 55 say they will have more money in retirement than from just a state pension. The gender gap means employers might have to start educating female staff, to ensure fairer retirement plans for men and women. 

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Workers giving more than ever to charity directly from their salaries

More employees are giving large parts of their salaries to charity to try to be better citizens. A global initiative called Give What We Can says more than 6,000 people have given more than 183 million pounds since 2009 to charity, while HMRC says around 132 million pounds was donated by employees directly from their salary through the Payroll Giving Scheme in 2019/20.

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Only 8% of CEOs are women

New report shows the skill set required for women leaders is not-necessarily industry specific and can be transferred as required.

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