Florence Parot

Florence Parot: Using technology

Last time we looked at how best to use our electronic devices at work. But there is also something to be said for how we use them outside work. Not only for our general life balance but also because that balance in itself will affect how efficient we can be at work. Our brain can only take so much as we have emphasized over the past months.

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Florence Parot: Simplify, simplify…

Have you ever found yourself thinking the kettle was taking way too much time to boil or the traffic lights were too slow in turning green? We are getting used to having everything on the spot, no waiting, no delaying, even one second, we want instant everything. It does feel sometimes as if we are approaching the limit of what is humanly possible to bear as far as life « speed » is concerned.

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Florence Parot: Be in the moment!

Another good idea to implement during the day is mindful working.  Now, I can hear you say “yeah yeah yeah…, have heard about that, not my cup of tea…”.  I have even heard from some of you who have been lucky enough to get some mindfulness sessions at work that it is all fine and good in the session, quite enjoyable actually, but that you do not have a clue what to do with it back at your desk.   Now, mindful working and mindful living generally are just one small aspect of what we teach in Sophrology but for us it is really all about how to make it work in a practical way.

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