A recent survey by the Daycare Trust revealed that only 28% of parents believe there is sufficient childcare for primary school age children in their area. The survey also discovered that prices for childcare vary across the country (but never less than £4,600 a year), and that these varied prices are uniformly getting higher.

Scotland, in particular, is being hardest hit by these rising costs, and people in Cornwall have begun to worry about whether both parents going to work is even worthwhile, with childcare costs now so high.

It’s a pity, and a worry, that the government is doing little to help with the population’s growing childcare burdens, and that the changes to the law coming in April will mean that the average British household will be £200 a year worse off, according to the IFS.

However, employers can help support working parents by offering a Childcare Voucher Scheme, which reduces the cost of childcare. Additionally there’s still time to take advantage of the current rules which mean that parents can save up to £1195 each per year against the cost of their childcare – a valuable saving.  The clock is ticking though and employers should sign up to a scheme before 21st March to ensure that their employees have the time to sign up for their scheme before 6 April.

We believe that there are ways to make this situation better, and that no one should have to accept this potential drop in living standards.