Technology evolves faster than anything else on earth. The websites, social platforms, and apps available for recruiters and job seekers are no exception. Just because Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook, and LinkedIn are some of the most popular websites right now for those services, they’re not the only ones out there or the newest. And they will eventually be replaced. So, as a recruiter, it’s important that you keep abreast of what’s emerging. A bit of time spent regularly searching for new Apps and job boards could well be worth your time and give you a “got there first” advantage to finding great candidates.

Some emerging apps for recruiters
I typed in “Recruiting” in the App Store on my phone and came across an app that comes from the website, This website is perfect for people recruiting in the finance, banking, and insurance industries. Recruiters are able to post positions as well as search over one million resumes. The website also provides news and advice on how to find employment in the financial industry.

When I typed in ‘Job Apps’ onto Google News, I came across a new app called Weave. Weave is basically Tinder for making connections in the work world instead of someone to go to the movies with. Just like Tinder, with the swipe of a finger, Weave will let you decide whether or not you are interested in connecting with someone to further discuss job opportunities.

With the same search I came across an app called Snagajob. Although this app has been around for a while now, the company is releasing a new version that is much more mobile-friendly. There is going to be two forms of the app: one for job seekers and one for job providers. One of the unique features the job seekers will have is the ability to record short video clips responding to questions coming from hiring managers.

Snapchat has become a great social networking platform where people can connect by video with family and friends. However, the management of Sober Lane, a pub in Cork, Ireland, is using Snapchat to accept applications from bartenders, waiters, and other staff members in the restaurant industry. As the video clips are short and sweet, it’s a great way to find employees based on how well they present themselves and answer questions in a video format.

Red Book Connect is another new app that is going to help connect Austin, Texas restaurant job seekers with job providers. Although this app is specific to that location, there’s no saying it won’t expand both by location and industry. The app allows employers to post and share jobs and allows job seekers to create their own profiles that can include endorsements from previous employers.

But is this app useful?
It can be hard to tell whether or not a website or app is going to be useful. It’s really about trial and error. Create a user name and password, explore a little, check back in every couple days and see if you’ve had some success. If you don’t see much of anything coming your way, put it on the back burner. If you do see some success, keep at it and see what comes out of it. If you want to find out the popularity of a site, you can use It will tell you the popularity of a website, both nationally and internationally and provides monthly usage reports.

Stay ahead of your competitors
In order to be the best recruiter you can be, you want to be aware of anything new in the industry. There are millions of unemployed people who are spending their days online signing up for every and any website with the hopes of finding a job. What if you got to those websites first? Whether it’s on your train ride to work or while you’re eating lunch and catching up on your favorite television show, it could make an impact on your success as a recruiter if you spend a bit of time each day discovering new ways to find great candidates.

Technology is changing every day. From dial-up to high speed internet, from laptops to mobile phones, it’s only going to keep on changing. We must stay on our toes in the recruitment industry and stay a step ahead of our competitors. Curiosity is something we should all cultivate, and with it, use it to discover the most beneficial apps and websites that will help us complete our goal of finding the right candidates for our clients.

Mike Weil, Sourcing Specialist at Seven Step RPO