During our recent recession we’ve seen the demands on human resource increase massively through consolidation and downsizing. As our economies begin to regain speed this trend doesn’t seem to be bucking, but there is a choice on where to focus. To so many well performing corporations, numbers matter – I won’t argue with that. However, I do believe that workplaces that strategically focus on the potential of people and helping make a difference in colleagues and customers’ lives will always outperform others, in good times and bad.

Seeking out the goodness and the talent in every individual is what organisations should really be focusing on. Every person has a skill that can be adapted to align with the wider strategic plans of a corporation, something that can make a meaningful contribution to even the smallest enterprise’s goals. All the work I have done, even as a high school teacher, has been about being really curious about who people are at their best. Forget the numbers, what matters is the merit. Our job is to help align each person’s talent with what is possible for our company and our customers.

I never sought a career in HR, but I’m compelled to make a difference and I know the place to start is with our people. PEER 1 Hosting has a vision to be the most human company on the web; is this an oxymoron? Not at all. It starts by only hiring people that care about people and who care about success. Where human resources is dehumanized, individuals only join a company for the financial stipend, prestige or bonuses. Successful organizations are comprised of people who care about making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. This is good for business and good for people.

Can a leopard change its spots? Yes, to blend into its new environment. The way every organisations’ biggest assets are valued needs a shake up. Our message is about how significant we can be, making a difference one person at a time.