With the new right to rent law that requires all landlords to check the eligibility of tenants to be in the UK coming into force on February 1st, Saunders 1865 the VIP relocation company, is offering advise to confused companies.

Introduced by the government under the 2014 Immigration Act, the new rules mean that all private landlords, even those who sub-let or take in lodgers, must undertake checks to ensure that tenants are legally residing in the UK, or risk facing a £3000 penalty. The right to rent law forms part of the government’s measures to reform the immigration system in the UK. The challenge for HR professionals comes in both understanding and complying with the new law to ensure a smooth relocation for their employees.

Tony Coe, CEO of Saunders 1865 said: “The major concern for anyone in HR relocating international staff to the UK is this; assignees not being allowed into rental homes due to landlord fears over contravening the right to rent laws. Right to rent is supposed to stop illegal immigrants from depleting the UK’s scarce supply of rental homes yet it may cause difficulties for bona fide businesses who are attempting to legally relocate employees to the UK. Our webinar which will last for around 30 minutes explains the issues surrounding the new law”.

“The likely outcomes of the new law for businesses relocating international employees are red tape to navigate, potential delayed travel for staff, plus more complex and expensive transactions,” Coe continued.