Now we all know that the Employment and Equality Act implementation is rather liked being cluster-bombed. First the speech by a Minister, followed by the inundation with helpful advice, usually produced by two or three interested parties, and usually in 1kg….10kg….and 100kg versions, depending if you like reading and lots of scenarios and finally the short deadline date. This traditionally is followed by lots of comment by trade associations and other interested parties, usually gloom but then there is nothing like panic to concentrate the mind!

When all this hits your desk you usually have two reactions from any company, total disinterest or total confusion.

Given that we have been doing this for as long as I have been alive…..and longer ….I can hear you now finding that difficult to believe, but you would hope that any government, regulator or other public body would have sussed out that perhaps this is not the most effective way of engaging people. A bit more advanced warning is good; certainly of we have to read the guidance and figure out what to do. As businesses, and as people trying to manage the HR issues, we do have other things on our mind than just legislation.

Issuing legislative timelines is a good idea; it gets you ready for what is coming up and lets you plan. The problem is central departments don’t tend to do that, it all a big secret and even if they do, they are not holistic; they just cover their little bit. Now there are certain organisations that do produce them and put them on their public sites – such as – they may not cover everything you want to know, but they do help.

Hopefully, central government will get the hint soon.