Yorkshire water to share workplace health insights

This week we are excited to announce that Susan Gee, Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing at Yorkshire Water will be speaking at the 14th Annual [email protected] summit – to share how the company reduced sickness absence to just 2.59%.

Susan is a commerically astute, innovative and highly influential OHM with comprehensive experience gained within public and private sector roles. Currently a visiting lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, Susan is a regular speaker at Symposium conference – and always brings a humorous, passionate and candid look at the field of workplace health.

She will be presenting a talk on what Yorkshire Water have done to drive the workplace health agenda with a strategy that focuses on the prevention of injuries and illnesses and effective management of an employees’ return to work after a period of absence – good management coupled with emotional literacy. This approach has resulted in:

  •  Sickness absence reduced from 3.38% to 2.59% – saving circa £800k in 16 months.
  • Strong working relationships between OH, HR, H&S, management and trade unions
  • Robust policies and practices that support employee wellbeing
  • Managers are much more accountable – but have greater support
  • Greater compliance with legislative requirements


Susan is just one of many speakers at [email protected] 2017 – click here to see all speakers, topics and the most up to date programme. 

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