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Alan Kennedy: What do post-Brexit rights mean for the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK?

Speaking in the House of Commons on 26th June, Theresa May announced the Government’s proposals outlining how it intends to protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK. The announcement has been long awaited, particularly given the uncertainty around the status of EU citizens following Brexit. The Prime Minister also provided some reassurance…

Patrick Glencross: Employment rights and the General Election

How much will employment rights feature during the general election campaign?  While the political parties rush to put together their manifestos, Patrick Glencross of law firm Cripps reviews the employment-related pledges which are emerging from the early days of the campaign, and adds some predictions for other ideas and proposals to look out for among the daily stream of slogans and soundbites.

European Employment Law Rights…or Wrongs

As we fast approach the triggering of Article 50, and ultimately our departure from the European Union, we have heard much from the Government about a world of new opportunities, new trade deals and new border controls – but in contrast we are promised the same old employment laws. The Government has talked about preserving…

Darren Maw: How the Labour leadership contest will change HR

Two months ago, a huge political event caused debate around employment laws and the EU’s influence on them. In the politically tumultuous weeks that followed the referendum, a new campaign has cast worker’s rights back into the spotlight. The Labour leadership contest between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith is a battle for the support of the left-wing and trade unions, with much of the campaigning focused on bolstering employee and trade union rights.