Aon Whitepaper: Future-proofing  your  talent

What kind of talent will your organisation require in the next five years? In a stable work environment this is a relatively easy question to answer. But in today's volatile and complex world, digitisation, artificial intelligence and automation have moved the goalposts. Make no mistake: these factors are disrupting the world of work. The skills required to suceed in organisations are shifting - and this is having a profound effect on workforce planning and on the career paths of employees.

In this free whitepaper, Aon's Assessment Solutions' John McLaughlin and McLagan's Joel Davies discuss how organisations can future-proof their talent. Today's workers need to be ready to embrace technology, collaborate with others and work effectively in an agile, digital environment. They should feel empowered, not exploited, by technological developments. For many organisations this is proving to be a significant and difficult transition.

Download the free whitepaper now to discover how you can future-proof your talent in your organisation.

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