UK areas which have the biggest gender pay gaps

UK areas with the biggest gender pay gaps has been revealed with the worst part of the country seeing almost £12,000 difference in earnings between the two genders.

This research was conducted by Adzuna, a job search engine, which found Hereford to have the largest gender pay gap in the UK of £11,979 or a 32 per cent difference.

On the other side of the coin, Preston has the smallest gender pay gap with a difference of £4,857 or 15 per cent. Cities in the north of have a smaller gender pay gap compared to those in the south. As six of the top 10 areas in the UK with the smallest gender pay gap are in the north.

The top areas with the largest gender pay gap are:

  • Hereford – £11,979, 32 per cent difference
  • Aberdeen – £11,650, 31 per cent
  • Cambridge – £11,646, 28 per cent
  • Stirling – £11,267, 29 per cent
  • Reading – £11,249, 27 per cent
  • Gloucester – £11,110, 29 per cent


Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna  said:

Regrettably, gender pay discrimination is still a huge issue in the UK and across the world, and it is disappointing to still find such disparity between regions and cities within the UK. It’s particularly unacceptable to say that the city with the smallest gender pay gap across the whole country still sees women earning 15 per cent less than men.

It may not be possible to close the gap overnight, but there is far more that businesses can and must do to ensure equal pay. Blind recruitment practices, for example, can help to ensure equal pay for equal work when taking on new employees. For eliminating a pay gap amongst existing employees, senior figures in a business should ask for a report detailing all jobs within the organisation, their job descriptions, and salaries. If a discrepancy is found, assess how to rectify it, factoring into future budget plans, and action steps to eliminate the pay gap. We created Value my CV to champion fair pay and prevent salary discrepancies, we hope to see more steps in place to reduce the gender pay gap.

This research was discovered by Adzuna analysing over 770,086 CVs of recent job-seekers.