Nuffield Health is pleased to announce they have been awarded Best Workplace Wellbeing Provider at the 2012 Health Insurance Awards. The Health Insurance Awards are judged by a panel of senior independent figures and voted for by insurers and intermediaries.

Dr Andrew Jones, Nuffield Health Managing Director for Corporate Wellbeing, said:

“We are pleased to have received the award for Best Workplace Wellbeing Provider. It is a reflection of our corporate wellbeing division’s hard work to provide outstanding clinical and wellbeing services to more than 1,500 employers.”

Working with leading corporate clients, Nuffield Health offers fitness, physiotherapy, health assessment, primary care and occupational health services.
Nuffield Health has developed seven strategic imperatives as a guide to the best ways of investing in employee wellbeing to help ensure they become an ‘employer of choice’. These principles ensure companies can maximise the productivity of their workforces by reducing the costs of ill health.

The framework includes seven steps:

  • Strategic Imperative – determine the strategic imperative driving attention to employee health and wellbeing
  • Strategic Assessment – Assess the current and projected situation with regard to employee wellbeing, both inside and outside the company
  • Strategic Leadership – Identify the individuals and teams that are required to achieve impact in this area
  • Strategic Priorities – Establish the priorities and develop the overarching strategy for employee wellbeing
  • Strategic Design – Design the optimal wellbeing programme or interventions given available resources
  • Strategic Management – communicate and manage the suite of offerings
  • Strategic Monitoring and Evaluation – Monitor results and measure impact to ensure success