Retention data misleading, firms advisedBusinesses have been warned that recent improvements to staff retention statistics may have been somewhat distorted by the aftermath of the recent recession and that output could have in fact fallen.

Writer and chief executive of human asset management agency iOpener Jessica Pryce-Jones explained that some workers are simply hanging on to their current role until the UK employment market eventually starts to improve.

"Post-recession, the people who are happiest at work want to spend 60 months in their jobs, whereas for their least happy colleagues it is 35 months," she said. "The least happy colleagues are now spending just two days a week focusing on task."

Ms Pryce-Jones added that these recent changes are "significant", as unhappy employees are occupying roles they do not wish to perform for longer periods of time, thereby potentially driving overall productivity down.

Bosses looking to improve relations with their workforce should consider attending the Employee Engagement Summit 2011, which will be held at a venue in central London next March.

Posted by Hayley Edwards