Churchill! Roosevelt! Stalin! The greatest alliance

Churchill! Roosevelt! Stalin! The greatest alliance

The Better Health at Work Alliance (BHWA) has been launched in an attempt to gather together leading workplace health specialists in one area.

The BHWA, led by director Charlotte Cross, plans to offer access to solutions, information and guidance on workplace health for British Workplaces.

The alliance was launched in February in support of expert organisations and offers an ‘Ask the Expert’ forum, collaborative wikis, and guides to bettering health at work.

The platform brings together a range of leading workplace health specialists and has the endorsement of over 30 key industry organisations.

The BHWA allows workplace health experts to collaborate on providing free guidance to employers, taking in all specialisms and growing the multi-disciplinary approach to service provision.

The alliance fits in with the Health and Safety Executive’s strategy, launched this year, of Helping Great Britain Work Well.

Charlotte Cross: “It is fantastic to see HSE proactively engaging with the UK to improve workplace health. The strategy aims to reduce the complexity of workplace health, which is exactly what the BHWA does. Ill health in the workforce costs the nation £9 billion annually and can cost any employer dearly by impacting productivity, so it’s essential that we make it easy for any organisation to find ways to improve workplace health. It will be really exciting to see this strategy gain momentum – long may it continue.”