Top cities in the UK for vacancies

The traditional January jobs boom saw advertised vacancies soar by a staggering 63.8 per cent last month, meaning there are plenty of exciting opportunities available to job hunters right now. That’s according to the latest statistics from CV-Library.

Not only this, but the data revealed that jobs were on the rise across the nation, with advertised vacancies sky-rocketing in some of the UK’s key cities. The ten following locations saw the biggest increase in vacancies, making these the best cities for finding a job right now:

Birmingham – vacancies up by 69.7 per cent
Edinburgh – vacancies up by 69.4 per cent
Liverpool – vacancies up by 69.4 per cent
Manchester – vacancies up by 69 per cent
Brighton – vacancies up by 68.8 per cent
Nottingham – vacancies up by 67.2 per cent
London – vacancies up by 64.9 per cent
Newcastle – vacancies up by 64.8 per cent
Sheffield – vacancies up by 64.4 per cent
Hull – vacancies up by 63.1 per cent

What’s more, despite pay being down month-on-month across the nation as a whole, some of these key cities did see salaries rising in January, making them the perfect place to secure yourself a new job and a pay rise! The cities that saw the biggest increase in pay month-on-month include:

Hull – salaries up by 14 per cent
Liverpool – salaries up by 8.3 per cent
Edinburgh – salaries up by 4.5 per cent
Nottingham – salaries up by 4.3 per cent
Sheffield – salaries up by 1.4 per cent

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, comments,

The first couple of months of the year is always a busy time for recruitment, with many businesses looking to expand their workforce and hire the best professionals. Because of this, there’s a huge number of exciting opportunities on offer right now, in some of the UK’s greatest cities!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, spend some time perfecting your CV and be sure to make the most of last month’s jobs boom by kick-starting your search right away. You could even bag yourself a pay rise!