LinkedIn’s list of overused buzzwords in 2014 revealed

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LinkedIn’s list of “buzzwords” most overused by jobseekers has been released today, coinciding with the beginning of the January job hunt.

According to a study of the social media network’s 17 million UK members, 21st January is typically the busiest day for New Year career development, when there is a peak in professionals updating their LinkedIn profiles post-Christmas.

LinkedIn spokesperson Richard George commented:

“This January peak in career development activity is great news for organisations looking to increase headcount in 2015 – but it’s important that companies read between the lines and know which words to treat with a pinch of salt when they look to hire.”

To help organsations recruit the best talent, LinkedIn has compiled a list of the ten most overused “buzzwords” on LinkedIn profiles in 2014 – potentially meaningless words and phrases that companies should be most aware of:

  1. Motivated
  2. Creative
  3. Enthusiastic
  4. Passionate
  5. Track record
  6. Driven
  7. Extensive experience
  8. Wide range
  9. Responsible
  10. Strategic

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  1. and just above the potentially meaningless words like motivated and strategic is an advertisement for an event that looks at Brand Experience and Human Resources – How a healthy brand culture delivers the strongest touchpoints!

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