Tate employee sues over workplace temperature

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A Tate Modern employee is sueing over occupational health issuesAn employee of the Tate Modern art gallery in London is to sue the institution for compensation over occupational health claims.

Elizabeth Andrews, who was a gallery supervisor, has alleged that she was moved to a cold area to carry out her duties, which exasperated a back problem and Crohn’s disease.

At an employment tribunal, she explained she had felt “pushed out” and that not enough was done to accommodate her disabilities.

Ms Andrews had worked at Tate Britain but was moved to Tate Modern following a dispute with one of her colleagues over which she received a written warning.

She was offered that chance of moving to Tate Modern or leaving the firm.

“It is a much bigger and colder building than Tate Britain. The air conditioning from the CCTV room where I worked from time to time made my back condition worse,” Ms Andrews said of the gallery.

However, she alleged that she felt no-one had been listening to her complaints. The case is continuing.

Crohn’s disease affects the bowels and can be aggravated by stress.


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  1. Why do some people always look for someone else to blame.
    ‘Where I worked from time to time’ says it all.
    There are areas of most jobs where the conditions need to be different. I work ‘from time to time’ in an area where for protection of samples it is necessary for the temperature to be at a constant 15 degrees and which can feel draughty due to constant air flow; I have a fused spine which is affected by low temperatures so guess what; I wear a jumper when I have to work in this area and although my employer restricts the time a member of staff works in the area to 30 mins
    In this instance I recommend a boot up the rear as suitable; there are after all 3 million unemployed who would willingly take her place.

  2. We provide a very expensive AC system for each of our office “wings”. In the height of summer one lady of a certain age decided she needed more fresh air than normal and opened the 2 windows next to her desk….GLOOPP….the conditioned air for 80 people went straight out. Then there are complaints from the wing as a whole but also the lady concerned and her adjacent colleagues they are being cut in half by the gale coming from the AC – as it tries to compensate for the loss of its sealed environment and rise in temperature.
    Same lady has also been known to complain it is to hot (or cold) when all indications are that it is the same temperature in that area all day every day (it is our proud boast that it is possible to walk all the way thru the building without noticing any change in temperature) resulting in manual temperature checks recorded manually for almost a year.
    You can please some of the the people etc etc

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