Employment law: Does lateness represents grounds for dismissal?Employers are paying more attention to the timekeeping of their staff and are willing to take action, according to a survey.

Research from Career Builder UK revealed that 39 per cent of UK bosses are focusing on the issue, with 15 per cent willing to sack workers who had been late for their job just two to three times.

However, James Carmody, an employment law specialist and principal at Reculver Solicitors argued that many cases of tardiness in the workplace should not warrant disciplinary procedures being taken by managers, despite there being legal grounds for dismissal.

He said: “It is important, though, to be consistent with staff, and it may well be unfair to discipline one person for lateness, but to let someone else get away with it.”

Indeed, the expert noted that many employers are aware that occasional issues with punctuality are inevitable and that employees are willing to work more hours without additional financial reward.

By Hayley Edwards