In a bid to increase transparency, Apple is encouraging its employees to talk openly about their pay and the hours they work.

It sent a reminder to employees that they should also feel free to talk about working conditions. 

Despite the secrecy that surrounds the tech giant, employees had been pushing for the move to make sure there were no unfair pay gaps.

Apple posted on its intranet: “We encourage any employee with concerns them in a way they feel most comfortable,  internally or externally”

Apple’s business conduct policy does say workers are not restricted in talking about wages, hours and working conditions. This is also protected under U.S law.

However, former apple employees and the creator of the #Appletoo movement say, despite this, Apple employees aren’t aware of their rights.

Cher Scarlett, a former developer who left earlier this month after a settlement agreement with Apple talked openly on Twitter about her issues with her working conditions.

She claimed Apple silenced any discrimination and harassment. On twitter, she said: “Blaming whistleblowers and employees speaking out for leaks and making examples of them helps only the corporations who do it: it strengthens the self-policing culture of silence and scares the people driven to do the right thing into ceasing their organizing.”

Scarlett also claimed Janneke Parrish, who helped her lead #AppleToo was forced out of the company.

Apple declined to comment.