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If your website works with WordPress, WP-HR Manager offers a powerful free HR solution plus an extensive series of paid add ons.


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Now you can easily manage HR (Human Resource) records and processes from within your website with our highly rated plugin, WP-HR Manager. You can quickly install an ESS (employee self-service) portal and HRM system, update staff records, track attendance and absence, message team members, approve leave and more.

Ideal for small and medium sized businesses (SME) who want to create their own HR information system (HRIS) on WordPress.


  • Install a powerful HRM system on your website to record and manage employee HR information via any browser
  • Take advantage of employee self service (ESS) features to reduce admin and improve accuracy (ideal for remote workers)
  • Retain control of your data (and host your site/data in the location of your choice) helping with GDPR compliance
  • Manage as many employees as you wish, with our free HR WordPress plugin: No incremental/per employee charges unlike cloud based HR systems
  • Add features and plugins as you need them (even build your own!) with fully editable open source code
  • Control access to data and capabilities with three inbuilt user levels (Admin, HR Manager and Employee)
  • Keep it focussed – WP-HR Manager only adds HR features, keeping the plugin as lite as possible



  • Company profile
  • Branch listing – add local offices, outlets, factories etc.
  • Employee profile – record and manage employee information
  • Department listing – create departments and assign to employees
  • Roles listing – create roles (eg ‘Driver’ or ‘Branch Manager’) and assign to employees
  • Leave / holiday management – create and approve holiday, sickness, unpaid and other leave requests
  • Set multiple leave / holiday policies to specify number of day’s leave allowed, national (Bank) holiday dates, etc
  • Monitor number of leave days taken and remaining for each employee
  • Enable Employee Self Service (ESS) options so staff and update their own records
  • Front end view for employees (discourages logged in employees from viewing WordPress backend screens)
  • Employee Assessments and Appraisals – track performance and set goals
  • WordPress admin dashboard customizing features
  • Audit log – track changes to records
  • 44 currencies supported
  • Announcements feature – send to specific employees or all employees
  • Notification emails with custom templates and shortcode support


  • Reports
  • Import / export employee data
  • Option to force employee to front end profile page on log in (restrict access to WP back end)
  • Multiple Holiday Calendars (useful to create holiday sets for different countries)
  • Allow / Restrict leave notifications and approvals from HR Managers and Line Managers


  • WP-HR Attendance (Monitor lateness with check-in / check-out buttons, inc shifts)
  • WP-HR Mobile Check In (Enable check in with mobile phones – ideal for workers without PC access or remote workers)
  • WP-HR Recruitment (create and advertise job vacancies on your site and manage recruitment process)
  • WP-HR GDPR Pro (a set of useful tools to: Create your Privacy Policy; Record Consent to Manage Data from employees and job applicants; track employee GDPR training; log and manage Subject Access Requests; and more.) We also offer a stand alone lite version for free here
  • WP-HR SMS Messages (Send SMS messages to employees)
  • WP-HR Documents (Upload documents to a company library or to employee profiles)
  • WP-HR Add Fields (Add extra fields to collect and display information in the employee profile)


Once you install the core WP-HR Manager Pro plugin these extensions can be added easily from with the WPHR Settings menu on your WordPress dashboard.


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