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Raj Krishnamurthy: The future of the workplace must be lead by HR

According to research from Leesman, activity based working is on the rise. And indeed, while the trend was initially spearheaded by renowned boundary-pushing brands such as Lego and Google, we’ve recently seen greater numbers of more traditional Professional Services organisations adopting the approach. From Big Four consultancy Deloitte’s Amsterdam-based smart-building, The Edge, to 5 Broadgate,…

Christina Morton: Pimlico Plumbers – Legal battle for workers’ rights continues at the Supreme Court

The announcement last week of Pimlico Plumbers’ decision to appeal to the Supreme Court over the employment status of one of its plumbers, Mr Smith, was widely expected, not least because of extensively publicised comments made by Pimlico Plumbers founder, Charlie Mullins, to the effect that the Court of Appeal reached the wrong decision in the case.

Nicholas Robertson: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

There are circa 1 million agency workers in the UK, temporary workers (including temporary agency workers) number 1.6 million, and more than 900,000 people work under zero hours contracts.  It is estimated that 1.3 million people work in the gig economy. Even allowing for overlap between those categories of worker, it is clear that non-standard…