Payroll outsourcing is growing in popularity in the UK with almost half (45.6%) of companies expressing a desire to outsource their payroll to a third-party provider.


The pandemic tested HR and payroll, forcing organisations to overhaul their strategies and review which areas of HR are most vital to long term success. This evaluation has led to renewed attention for a managed payroll.

This free whitepaper from SD Worx explores the benefits of payroll outsourcing, provides real world case studies and presents the groundwork for resilient future-facing strategies including:

  • How to empower HR teams through payroll outsourcing
  • Reducing risks and ensuring airtight compliance strategies
  • How payroll outsourcing facilitates the new way of working with technology and remote working
  • Lowering business costs in times of need
  • What to look for in selecting outsourced partners, the many types of partnership and how to select the best fit for your organisation
  • Step by step guide to creating a business case for payroll outsourcing to present to key stakeholders


Download your copy of the whitepaper here

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