How scheduling technology is creating flexible retail workforces that deliver for everyone

Can retailers build a flexible workforce that will meet the needs of employees, managers and customers – all while remaining profitable? We'll look at the challenges this presents and the technology solutions that businesses can adopt to be successful in a post pandemic world.

The pandemic has accelerated the need for retailers to create flexible workforces capable of reacting to whatever a volatile business climate throws at them.

To achieve this flexibility, however, retailers can’t afford to compromise on meeting the flexible working demands of their employees – who are looking to improve their own work/life balance.

This can be a difficult circle to square – and creating a solution that can keep everyone happy isn’t without its challenges. To understand how this can be done we spoke to experts in this field – each with a different perspective. This free whitepaper present the findings, where retailers should be focussing their attention and how technology is helping retailers plot a path to success.

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