Furlough schemes. Rising unemployment. Record vacancy numbers. The pandemic wreaked havoc on the recruitment industry. A quick glance at the numbers reveals why firms are no longer recruiting only for experience, but potential. From technological advancement to the global pandemic and subsequent shifts in employee expectations,
the new normal requires firms to hire for potential. Amid strong competition, HR and Recruitment Managers must move quickly to secure top talent.

Rapid technological advancement has changed the nature of work. Digital skills are now essential, leaving a large proportion of the workforce struggling to upskill fast enough for the pace of change. Sociological shifts have also contributed to a new emphasis on candidate potential over experience.

These developments have pushed upskilling and reskilling to the top of HR Leaders’ agendas. With the working world evolving ever faster, Hiring Managers must now recruit for potential: the potential to learn new skills and apply them to the changing demands of the workplace.

This free whitepaper from Thomas International presents six key pitfalls recruiters must be aware of when recruiting for potential: as well as advice and best practice for avoiding them and creating winning strategies.

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