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Discover how, Post-Brexit, we can work together to reduce the skills gap that affects young people

This free whitepaper from Insight for Good presents 10 ways to address the skills gap issue that affects young people, and which impacts universities, Government, employers, charities, social enterprises and schools. The so-called ‘Millennial generation’ is set to be the first generation to do worse than their parents since records began and post-Brexit, the UK simply cannot afford a ‘lost generation’. Brexit and the resultant predicted stagnation of the UK economy plus the possibility that the UK will need to source more home grown skills means this issue is now more important than ever.

Insight for Good believe that that it is critical that all relevant organisations understand the big picture and, whilst they align their individual organisational objectives, also aim to achieve the valuable social goal of getting young people into work.

Download the free whitepaper below to discover how, together, we can solve one of the biggest challenges facing the future of employment in the UK.

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