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Pick anything. Transport, technology, toasters. When you know deep down that it can’t be relied on to do what’s asked of it, you’ve got a problem. And it’s usually pretty hard to build trust and confidence back after a few bad experiences. It’s why the emerging and growing trust gap in the recruitment world is such a problem for hiring managers, businesses, and candidates. Because in your world, a lack of trust isn’t being caused by a few rounds of burnt toast.

Instead, it’s down to a worrying number of hires not working out, recruitment tech and processes that’ve fallen out of step with the times, and a heavy reliance on hiring methods that a lot of people know don’t work, and that are tough to move away from. (Oh. And the general mess that was 2020 wreaking havoc in hiring.).

Thomas International has been working with HR leaders across industries for over 40 years. That means they’ve seen every major development, enabled new ways of working, and helped hiring like few others.

We’re now at the beginning of a crucial period of change for HR and talent acquisition. So, to understand the pressures, pain points and priorities of an era marked by post-pandemic recovery, rapid digitisation and workplace evolution, Thomas are taking an in depth look at trust for their new annual research series, Spotlight on Recruitment. In spring 2021, they spoke to HR and talent leaders across sectors to find out how they hire, the common challenges they face, what works in the hiring process – and what doesn’t - which is presented in this free whitepaper. The report also takes a look at the use of advanced recruitment technologies, readiness for smarter ways of working, and psychometric testing.

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