Too many managers think of learning - and learning culture - as the sole province of HR or L&D. But in almost every company, managers are the ones uniquely positioned to spot opportunities for growth and affect the changes that get results.

In the right conditions and with the right support, middle managers can drive the change staff need.

This quick read infographic from Degreed is designed to help. It highlights 4 ways managers can:

  • Give their teams guidance
  • Support diverse and active learning experiences
  • Provide regular and immediate feedback
  • and create opportunities for people to practice and apply new skills on the job

Managers see first-hand the changes in their markets, workers and strategies. With many organisations experiencing or expecting skills gaps in the future it is now more important than ever for managers at the front line to foster supportive learning environments and boost the productivty of their teams.

Download the free whitepaper infographic now to discover how

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