12 steps for implementing a new pay and grading structure  - free  whitepaper  download

According to XpertHR's 2021 reward priorities survey, more than half of respondents use at least one pay and grading structure in their organisation. Many of these organisations cited pay and grading structures as a key work area for the year ahead, in particular ensuring that they are robust and fit for purpose.

A formal pay and grading structure can provide a logic to underpin pay rates, job roles and career paths, making it easier for HR and line managers to make rational and objective decisions about job roles and pay. A formal structure can also help employees to understand how their role and pay fits in with that of others within the same organisation and in the wider marketplace.

Implementing a new pay and grading structure or adapting an existing framework can be a challenging task and requires careful planning. The latest whitepaper from Cendex outlines a series of steps to help employers work through the process and achieve the best outcome.

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