10 most popular stories of 2018

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From forbidden crisps to presenteeism, we have it all covered

As this year comes to a close and the new year welcomes us in its bosom, we have compiled the ten most viewed stories of 2018.

From forbidden crisps to presenteeism, we have it all covered. Enjoy!

  1. Absenteeism vs. presenteeism – which is worse for the remaining staff?
  2. Nine realistic work perks every employee would love
  3. 5 signs you could be a victim of ‘leavism’
  4. 5 tips for employers to support their staff’s mental health
  5. The nine most sought after work perks that UK employees want
  6. Working mothers hit by £1.3 trillion in lost earnings due to inflexible business culture
  7. The future of HR assessment in 2018
  8. Employee forced to ask permission to eat crisps at desk
  9. Unhealthy employees now cost British firms six working weeks a year in lost productivity
  10. Formal dress codes can lead to happier employees, research shows



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