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Flexible working does actually boost productivity, new survey finds

Flexible working is a notion that is very much in vogue at the moment, it can even be a deal breaker when people consider accepting a job. Employers do though worry that ‘working from home’ is not conducive to productivity and is instead more beneficial for completing housework, staying in bed and brunch dates.

John Sylvester: Reduce absenteeism… stay at home!

I read with interest the recent article on HR Review titled ‘Employers agree that staying away from the office reduces absenteeism’. With over 75% of managers believing that remote workers are more productive the once taboo term ‘working from home’ has now become a flexible, balanced and cost effective way of working. With companies now…

Employers agree that staying away from the office reduces absenteeism

Organisations looking to revolutionise the workplace, reduce absenteeism and slash the overhead of office space should start with the small steps of helping employees to work at home ad hoc, according to a study of 10 major employers, including Barclays, Unilever, Nationwide and the Civil Service, led by Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA). Informal working from…