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Dr Mark Winwood: Some employees will lie when they’re sick – but it’s not all dishonest

The first Monday of February has come to be known as ‘National Sickie Day’ – the day that employees are supposed to be most likely to call in sick. Employment law firm ELAS, which has promoted the notion, maintains that a combination of miserable weather, commuting in the dark, post-Christmas credit card bills and long gap between holidays makes the first Monday of February the day that people are most likely to take some unofficial time off.

Most work accident victims worried that a claim will affect their job

Research has found that the majority of employees who continue to work for the same organisation after claiming for a work injury found that their relationship with their boss remained unaffected. The survey, commissioned by National Accident Helpline, found that over four fifths (85%) of people who suffered a work injury were worried about claiming against…