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Strike action is currently causing severe disruption to the National Health Service after junior doctors began strike action earlier today. It was also announced yesterday that London will, once again, be crippled by more Tube strikes as rail unions continue to fight the proposed ‘night tube’ service

Google, Ernst & Young and EDF Energy to help tackle ethnic minority youth unemployment

Race for Opportunity (RfO) has launched a search for a Youth Advisory Panel to help to tackle youth unemployment amongst ethnic minorities. Over 125 top UK employers are seeking young people of Black, Asian and minority ethnicities (BAME) to advise on improving recruitment. These include Ernst & Young, Barclays Capital, EDF Energy, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd,…

The Royal Navy has one of the “most complex HR tasks in the UK” when it comes to workforce planning, a CIPD conference heard yesterday. Satisfying the level of demand for personnel, but avoiding an over-supply of staff which government budgets would not pay for, posed a “manning conundrum”, according to Commander David Cox, a…

The average office worker will spend upwards of 40 hours every week side-by-side with their colleagues, sharing the best (and worst) of each other’s opinions, habits and lifestyle. David Liddle, Founder & Director of The TCM Group explores how effective mediation can save money as well as working relationships.

In this article, Julia Mixter, Senior HR Business Partner in Transport for London, looks at the case for mediation, the process of introducing it in TfL and anticipates the issues that may arise. Including a list of Issues and Mitigation, and how they are dealt with in the TfL.