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Government seeks gender boards parity by 2015

Following the news that Lord Davies is set to spearhead a new inquiry into why there are so few women in top positions in business, ministers have said that half of all new appointments to the boards of public bodies should be...

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Expats often have problems, warns specialist

One expert has warned expats to expect some dissatisfaction after making their life-changing decision to relocate, advice that may affect companies employing overseas workers. A new survey by insurance company Standard Life...

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Brits pull most sickies in Europe

One in five employees in the UK have admitted that the last time they took a ‘sick day’ was actually for personal reasons rather than because they were ill. Many people would not own up to feigning illness;...

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UK private sector wages fall further

New statistics show that private sector wages have fallen further behind inflation in Britain than anywhere in the industrialised world except Mexico, Turkey and Iceland as the recession bit last year. The Organisation for...

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British bosses: the most generous in Europe

According to brewer SABMiller’s European Beer Drinkers Survey, British bosses are the most generous in Europe when it comes to socialising with staff after work. While French managers say ‘non’ to staff drinks,...

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European workers against raising retirement age

Almost one in three European workers (29%) would prefer their government not to raise the national retirement age, and would be happy to have less income in retirement. This is according to a new survey carried out by Aon...

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CareerBuilder acquires CareerSite.biz

CareerBuilder, the global leader in human capital solutions, is taking the next step in its international expansion with the purchase of CareerSite.biz, parent of three successful career-related operations in the UK. Founded in...

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Employers take action!

Employees taken ill during a period of scheduled annual leave should now be allowed to reschedule their holidays, according to a new ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). So what impact will this have on current employer policies and will this make it easier for employees to abuse the law? Vanessa Latham, Employment Partner at Berrymans Lace Mawer LLP solicitors gives us an in depth analysis.

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Nestlé UK Walks its Way to a Healthier Future

Nestlé UK has always had a well developed Occupational Health and Safety program. However, in line with a business transition from a Food and Beverage manufacturer to a focused Health, Nutrition and Wellness business, over the last 12 months, Nestlé have transitioned OH towards a more integrated “employee wellness” scheme that impacts ALL of its 6,000 employees in the UK. Dr David Batman explains more.

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