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Lack of capacity could hold back UK firms

Ninety-four per cent of UK employers are operating with limited capacity to take on more work, according to the latest JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). With three quarters of employers (76 percent) signalling that economic conditions are improving, and almost half saying that confidence in hiring and investment decisions are ‘getting better’, businesses are actively looking to take on more staff.

Richard Nott: Addressing the skills shortage to secure a place for the UK on the IT world map

With technology evolving rapidly, there’s no doubt that the IT sector is set to experience considerable growth both in the near future and longer term. While there are huge opportunities for the UK if it can establish itself as a leading global player, the current skills shortage has made it challenging for the sector to…

Laurie Miles: The UK skills shortage is a ticking time bomb, but it can be disarmed

After only several weeks into 2014 it seems like the grey economic cloud that has remained stubbornly over the UK for the past five years is finally beginning to lift. While newspapers and economists talk of growth and investor confidence, to the vast majority of people there is only one statistic that really matters: job…