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Temporary employees are better-skilled and higher educated, new study reveals

Research conducted by global recruitment company PageGroup, has found that an increasing number of temporary professionals are better-skilled, have years of experience and are better educated with 75 percent boasting at least a bachelor’s degree. It’s revealed that they are expected to work more autonomously, take more responsibility and be more flexible.

Carl Jones: Can the UK become a centre of excellence for the IT industry?

The UK Tech industry is thriving and set to grow four times faster than GDP this year. A staggering 11 percent expected growth compared with 2.6 percent for the UK as a whole. This is undoubtedly excellent news for the UK economy, as well as firming up its position as a top world player. As a country with a deep pioneering history, could we go further and become a shining example of global IT excellence?

Infographic: Skill-builders vs skill-buyers

This infographic from Skillsoft highlights the prevalence of buying new skills and talent over training existing members of staff to fill future vacancies at the executive level. The results have been taken from Skillsoft’s Skill-builders vs. Skill-buyers report published earlier this year, revealing that whilst a large number of companies prefer to view themselves as…

Infographic: The value of upskilling

‘The Value of Upskilling’ Training is a talent investment. For individuals, it builds skills and lifts earnings potential, while for businesses it contributes to a more productive workplace. This infographic highlights the value of upskilling, and shows how both businesses and individuals are making the most of their skill sets. Graphic courtesy of https://www.brightonsbm.com.