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The stiff upper lip lives on – half of Brits never call in sick for work, says survey

New research from Monster.co.uk has revealed that half of Brits (49 percent) have never called in sick to work, with only a quarter (27 percent) admitting to having taken just one day off in their current job or most recent job. This follows a warning by MPs earlier this year that employees are under increasing pressure not to take sick leave when they’re ill.

Unhealthy employees costing British firms more than one month a year in lost productivity

British companies are losing on average 23.5 days of productive time per employee each year as staff take time off sick and underperform in the office as a result of ill-health. This is equivalent to each worker losing more than an entire working month of productive time annually. When translated into monetary terms, unhealthy lifestyles and poor health are costing British firms £57 billion a year in lost productivity.

‘Pulling a sickie’ becoming a catching condition

Nearly a third of the nation (32 percent) have taken a fake sick day this year, according to a new study released by Actimel. Whilst the top reason for women pulling a sickie was due to feeling under pressure with their workload (41 percent), over a quarter of men (27 percent) attributed their fake sick day to recover from a hangover following a heavy drinking session the night before. Surprisingly, also a fifth of men (20 percent) admitted they felt bored with their jobs, warranting them time to lounge around at home.

2.4 million employees would consider taking a sick day during World Cup

Nearly one in ten (8%) employees would consider taking a sick day when they are not ill during the World Cup, according to the latest research from Canada Life Group Insurance. Replicated in the working population, this equates to 2.4 million employees, suggesting a significant loss to productivity across the country should staff decide to…

Workers in open plan offices took 70% more sick days last year than home-workers

Despite being the most common working environment, open plan offices may actually be detrimental to employee health, wellbeing and productivity, according to recent Canada Life Group Insurance research. When asked to rank how easy it is to be healthy and productive in their working environment, employees in open plan offices gave an average score of…

Staff absences surge after big sporting events so plan for that, says Neil Pickering

“As well as National Sickie Day, yesterday was also the day after the Super Bowl – an event that has become associated with late nights and drinking, even in the UK. So, as well as a high level of employee absence, businesses can also expect to see an increase in staff lateness. In fact, Channel 4 has…

60% of bosses don’t believe their employees when they call in sick

Three in five (60 per cent) of bosses of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) don’t always believe their employees when they call in sick, according to new research. Over a third of bosses (37 per cent) admit to checking social media profiles of staff they suspect of ‘pulling a sickie’ and one in four…

Lack of protection is significantly impacting UK business

45% of employers believe long term sickness absence is a big issue for their business 40% say colleagues have to pick up the work of absent employees A fifth (17%) say they’ve seen other employees go off sick as a result UK businesses are being hindered by a lack of effective sickness absence management, despite…