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Katy Meves and Nick Jupp: What can all employers learn from Manchester United dismissing Louis Van Gaal?

Following his dismissal by Manchester United Football Club it has been reported that Louis Van Gaal is likely to receive compensation between £4.5 and £5 million. Any senior, well paid executive is likely to have a significant claim for compensation if they are dismissed in breach of contract. With stakes high, employers need to make sure they are properly prepared for a parting of the ways by drafting adequate protections in their employment contracts.

Senior execs say it could take their company up to a year to replace them, if they left

Eighty percent of senior executives said that their company would not be able to replace them quickly if they left, according to a survey of 1,270 business leaders from around the world by IIC Partners. Despite the fact that almost six in 10 respondents said their company had a succession plan in place, only one in…