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Edinburgh is best for disposable income while Birmingham is worst

The fact that London tends to be a rip-off is well know. It tends to be an enjoyable rip-off, but it is a rip-off all the same. The argument goes that despite the eye-watering costs for, well, everything, the higher wages on offer in the capital more than makes up it. This is of course false, a new study has found that London is far from being the best place in the nation for disposable income.

Out of nearly 2,000 respondents in a new survey conducted by loan company Provident, 19 percent admitted that they struggle financially within two weeks of getting paid and 40 percent don’t save any money on a monthly basis. With more jobs paying employees the National Minimum Wage, 35 percent of respondents said that they haven’t had a pay rise in two years or longer, despite the improving economic conditions.

New job board to list ‘take-home’ pay

SalaryBot.co.uk has launched SalaryBot Jobs, the first major job search platform in the UK that advertises take home pay, after tax and national insurance deductions. The new iPhone app, available as of today on the app store, has joined the recently launched website and Android app. The online utility had previously run a survey and…