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Appraisals going out of fashion as employees left wanting for constructive criticism

The theatre is not a place that wants for criticism. Reviews of performances come in thick and fast and when praise is due it often gushes and in similar fashion, when something is judged to be terrible, the poison pours. Performers, in some cases, use reviews to hone and better their performance.

Vanessa Judelman: Five key steps to giving tough feedback

It’s easy to sit down with a colleague and provide them with positive and glowing feedback. It’s quite another feat to tell someone they are under-performing or not quite good enough. Over and over again, managers tell me how often they avoid having these difficult performance discussions. Why is giving constructive feedback so hard to…

Matthew Howse & Nick Thomas: The importance of the performance management procedure

Managing poor performance is one of the more challenging aspects of an HR professional’s role, especially when performance concerns are intertwined with medical issues. Trying to safeguard the needs of a business whilst navigating a path through legal hazards can be a thankless task, particularly in the context of business managers who have been reluctant…