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Poll: Who do you plan to vote for in the General Election?

From immigration to employment law and workers rights, the General Election has hardly left the national headlines over the last few weeks and there are many work-related issues that could be affected. We’ve pulled together a brief summary of the election’s three front-runners here to help you compare policies on all things work-related, from zero-hour contracts…

Poll: Do you feel that the engagement of staff has an impact on the success of your organisation?

When it comes to the hot button issue of employment engagement, communication has a critical part to play. Effective internal communication is, of course, key when it comes to achieving anything of note in business. Eloquent top down communication allows employees to believe in management, to believe that management is approachable and interested in addressing their problems.

Poll: Which of the following political issues could have the biggest impact on your HR function?

With one of the country’s most contentious elections behind us HRreview’s latest Inside HR webinar, in association with My Family Care, explores the impact of the new government on employment law and HR function. Which political issue do you think will have the biggest impact on HR? Listen to the webinar and vote below. Last week’s…