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Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE: ‘People need more autonomy and control’

Sir Cary Cooper: How can we facilitate work cultures that produce healthy and happy workforces and, by association, increase productivity?

Prof. Vlatka Hlupic: Employee engagement as business intelligence

If you work in HR, the annual employee survey is probably your responsibility. Scores may be high, low or middling. They may vary from unit to unit. But what are they actually telling you? Is the act of gathering the stats helping the business, or the employees or both? Or even – heretical thought –…

Are flat organisational structures driving employees away?

  Lack of future career opportunity and a lack of recognition have emerged the top two reasons British workers leave their jobs, according to new research by best practice insight and technology company CEB. Lack of career opportunity was cited by over half of UK respondents (50.2 percent) as a key reason for finding employment…