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Poll: What is the biggest challenge in managing a global workforce?

A new study from thinkmoney has found that offices are a hotbed of romance. While a third of these result in long-term relationships or marriage, workplace romances can also have their destructive side, with consequences ranging from awkward encounters to employees feeling they have to leave the company to avoid their ex.

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Romance is in the office air, study shows

More than a third of UK workers admit to having had a relationship with a colleague, and 17 percent say they’ve had more than one, according to new research carried out for budgeting account provider thinkmoney. More than half of those questioned in London say they’ve had an office romance.

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Office myths exposed

People photocopying their own bottoms and being caught in the office stock cupboard with their trousers round their ankles in the act of a sexual liaison. AirConUK discovers the truth behind these office myths in a new survey.

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Have you experienced symptoms of burnout due to your career?

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