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Ed Johnson: The importance of mentoring programmes for LGBTQ+ employees

It’s LGBTQ History month. In our first in a series of opinion pieces  Ed Johnson discusses the importance of mentoring in improving LGBTQ D&i in the workplace.

David Goggin: The role of mentoring in leadership development today

Mentoring is a buzz word on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Organisations are benefiting from the knowledge transfer, leadership development and advanced on-boarding alternative that one to one mentoring provides. This increased interest raises the question: what sort of return are these large organisations receiving from installing mentoring into their corporate structure?

Eddie Kilkelly: Building and nurturing high performing teams

A high performing team has the right mix of skills and personalities. In addition, team members tend to exhibit good communications skills, real commitment to the task at hand, personal accountability for the team’s success, a desire to step in where needed to support others, trustworthiness, an ability to trust colleagues and attention to results…

Would you be willing to inspire and mentor a young female manager?

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is calling for managers to get behind a campaign to inspire more young people about their careers and raise aspiration, especially among young female managers. It comes as a new white paper warns that many women can’t see examples of successful women in top management jobs – leaving them uninspired…