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Liz Nottingham: How can we tackle issues that prevent mothers from returning to work following maternity leave?

  Balancing work and childcare is an age old conundrum and one that, in my opinion, has not yet been completely solved. Through my own experience as a working mum, I believe that balancing the household books is only ever one part of the picture. When looking at government policy, it is great to see…

Over one fifth of working mums forced to leave jobs because a flexible working request was turned down

Release findings from Workingmums.co.uk‘s 2015 Annual Survey highlights that over a fifth of working mums have been forced to leave their jobs because a flexible working request was turned down. The survey of over 2,300 mums also found that 38 percent of those still on maternity leave would not return to their jobs if flexible working wasn’t…

Ian Symes: Why are ‘motherhood penalties’ still stalling women’s careers?

In a recent report from Mumsnet it was revealed that six out of 10 women feel having children has had a negative effect on their career. The research also found that nine out of 10 women agreed that there exists a ‘motherhood penalty’ which stalls women’s careers. These numbers make for disappointing reading to anyone who wants an enthusiastic female workforce.