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General Election manifesto digest – a breakdown for HR professionals

With the General election only a week away, business, individuals and HR teams alike will be wondering how the next UK Government plans to respond to the changing employment landscape. We’ve pulled together a brief summary of the election’s three front-runners to help you compare policies on all things work-related, from zero-hour contracts to maternity and paternity pay.

Heather Jackson, founder of the Balanced Business Forum talks gender balance, diversity and parental leave

The Balanced Business Forum (formally The Women’s Business Forum) is the world’s first and only annual gender balanced leadership and talent management conference. Founded by Heather Jackson, who re-mortgaged her house to create it, the Forum rings together over 500 influential business leaders from across the world who want and need to be challenged with new research, case studies and proven solutions to progressive talent management. HRreview caught up with Heather in between talks at October’s Forum.

Businesses aren’t ready for shared parental leave – and neither are dads

One quarter of senior managers are unaware of new leave arrangements Many UK employers will get caught out by the new Shared Parental Leave (ShPL) rules which start on Monday 1st December, says a leading employment lawyer. According to national law firm, Irwin Mitchell, the majority of firms are focussed on April 2015 when new…

For decades, women in the workplace were openly considered as supporters, enablers and facilitators for powerful men. Most women were secretaries, telephone operators and typists. They were employed to sort out the details that were far beneath the attention of their male employers. Whilst the men did the ‘real’ work, the women busied themselves with…

Job security fears lead some women to take less than two weeks maternity leave

Almost half of women (43%) are likely to return to work sooner than they would like after having their baby, according to a new NCT report. Of those, 47% said this is due to concerns over job security. Some women are returning to work extremely quickly; overall 4% of those surveyed said they took less…