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95% of British businesses say the new national living wage won’t discourage recruiting

Seventy one per cent of British Businesses do not believe David Cameron’s target of full employment will be achieved in the next five years, according to new research by totaljobs. The data, released today, also reveals that 43 percent of jobseekers say that they have been more selective about the roles that they have taken over the last three years.

Robert Leeming: Does the ‘phony world’ of the living wage exist?

There is no doubt that George Osborne’s national living wage, to be launched next year, is a policy with its heart in the right place. For example, more than three and a half million women, almost 30 percent of the female workforce, will receive a pay rise as a result of the legislation.

Over half of all employers (54 percent) say the new National Living Wage (NLW) will have an effect on their wage bill, with three in ten of those organisations that will be affected by the new higher wage floor planning to raise productivity in response. This is according to a new survey published today by the CIPD and the Resolution Foundation (RF).

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics have shown that the proportion of workers who are not being paid the living wage is increasing. Six million workers in Britain are currently being paid under the hourly rate, which is calculated to cover the basic cost of living. Over half of the jobs paying less than the…