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Ian Dowd: Brexit impact on UK legislation and the HR function

The referendum on the UK membership of the European Union is just around the corner. With it comes the possibility of a future where Britain gets to change and revisit some of the employment legislation currently decided upon by the EU. While it is hard to predict which laws the Government would include in such a review, there are a few obvious candidates that have been a thorn in the flesh of British businesses for a while now.

Gerry O’Neill: Gender pay and the calculus of inequality

Recently, we were privileged to have Duncan Brown, from the Institute for Employment Studies, speak at one of our Curo Coffee & Comp events. The theme was around equal pay reporting and his talk was entitled ‘Addressing Unequal Pay: Opening Pandora’s Box.’ What was clear to all was that there is no doubt that when the lid is lifted off the Pandora’s Box that is gender pay next year many evils will fly out, but it is also true that hope will be left. There will be far reaching consequences but will they necessarily be detrimental?

Ben Black: Shared Parental Leave – One year on

True but completely unfair. Before I explain why let me set out a bit of background. The world would be a million times better – actually $12 trillion better – if we truly had equality. But equality is a long and complex journey. It doesn’t only involve recognising female talent (the best businesses already bend over backwards to help their best women fulfil their potential); it also involves changing the world so that men and women do the jobs they are best suited to rather than the ones society tells them to do.

UK General Insurance outsource to MidlandHR

UK General Insurance has selected a completely outsourced payroll service, in addition to iTrent Cloud Services – part of the wider HR outsourcing (HRO) provision from MidlandHR – to support its employees across five locations. The specialist UK-wide insurance provider has selected a number of iTrent modules including Employee and Manager Self-Service, Absence, Learning, Travel…

UK employers should heed judgement on Woolworths collective redundancy case

In a bold and controversial move, the employment appeal tribunal (EAT) has decided to re-write UK redundancy legislation with the result that more employers will be required to inform and consult with elected employee representatives, including trade unions, before they can make redundancies.  Martin Warren, Employment and Pensions Practice Group Head at global law firm…

Law firms warns of impact of whistleblowing claims

Today (25 June), three key changes come into force in the UK in relation to whistleblowing claims as various provisions of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act come into effect. However, according to law firm, Hogan Lovells, some of these changes could lead to more rather than less litigation due to a lack of clarity…