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Want to be a better leader? Industry experts reveal their secrets

Being humble, tolerant and innovative are the three main qualities that professionals believe are key to becoming a successful leader, according to GISMA Business School. Some of the UK’s most successful business leaders were interviewed to find out what they believed the best leadership qualities to be. Those questioned by GISMA shared that, in their experience, the top five…

David Goggin: The role of mentoring in leadership development today

Mentoring is a buzz word on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Organisations are benefiting from the knowledge transfer, leadership development and advanced on-boarding alternative that one to one mentoring provides. This increased interest raises the question: what sort of return are these large organisations receiving from installing mentoring into their corporate structure?

Date annouced for Talent Management and Leadership Development Summit

In a fast-paced, commercially driven environment, HR leaders are facing many changes that make their work more and more challenging, with the wake of Brexit is only one of them! Taking a more strategic approach is crucial when dealing with new technological advancements, changing demographics and global skills shortages.